Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny Cricket Pictures: Bowden and Pitch Invasion by Bees!!!

We've seen quite a few pitch invasions done by over-enthusiastic fans and sometimes even dogs :P
But, have you ever heard of "Bees", yes you read it right.. a swarm of honey bees.... invading the pitch... making the players scurry for cover :)

Yes, it happened in the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in New Delhi when India was playing against Australia.
Ricky Ponting and Matthew Hayden thanked their stars that day for not getting stung by the bees :P.. cos they were the ones batting when the bees attacked the ground... hehe..

Can't believe it.. check out the pictures then...

Billy Bowden and the Swarm of Bees.... The Story goes like this..... 

Umpire Billy Bowden unaware of the bees attack says.... "Come on guys... you can't sleep on the pitch.. I know the paratha's for lunch were good.. but we still have a cricket match to play... "

Suddenly, Bowden saw the swarm of bees and realized that he was at danger... and scurried for cover quickly saying... "Weee maaaa...... Now I understand that it was not the parathas but the bees which kept you down.. Sorry guys... I'll join you in the party"

Bowden still waiting for the bees to go.. feels that Ricky Ponting and Hayden have slept in the ground... so, he asks the bowler Anil Kumble.... "Jumbo, do you think that Ponting and Haydos would have slept waiting for the bees to go??"

Kumble quickly saw that Hayden was still surprisingly looking at the swarm of bees and replied to Bowden,
"Looking at Haydos, I don't think he would sleep even tonight after witnessing such an incident in the ground........ hehehee :P"

Bowden decides.. enough is enough... "Come on guys... lets all pray to the Queen Bee to call back her troops... so that we all can resume the game without being in danger... "

Atlast, sense prevailed.... and the bees having made the best of the time mid pitch decided that they got to go back to their routine.... Billy Bowden relieved resumed his umpiring duty and called for all the players to get back to their positions.... but beware Bowden!!!! Bees version 2 is on its way.... so, watch out :P

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