Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ishant Sharma's turn to show the finger in Australia

Its Ishant Sharma's turn now to show the middle finger to hecklers after Virat Kohli showed the finger to the Sydney crowd and got fined.

This incident happened last Monday when Ishant Sharma had just finished a go-karting session in Belmont. The whole Indian team minus some seniors had gone for a go-karting session before heading over to Perth for the third test match.

Ishant Sharma showing his middle finger to a heckler in Perth, Australia after a go-karting session
Pic courtesy: Sharon Smith/WA News

"Why don't you go learn how to bat and bowl before you go go-karting. It will be 3-0 mate," an Australian heckler said. Ishant Sharma reacted to the taunts by showing a finger gesture to the heckler which was captured by a photographer from the West Australian newspaper.

Indian team management claimed that the paceman Ishant Sharma was simply waving to the fans :) hehe...

India will not take any action against Sharma despite the lanky quick producing an identical response to batsman Virat Kohli who was fined half his match fee for giving the finger signal to the SCG crowd during the second Test.

But these incidents did not go well with the Indian team management and led to the banning of using twitter or any social networking site by the Indian team as such comments from the cricketers might further cause trouble.

As far as I feel about these incidents, the team should take a chill pill and not worry about these incidents... there would be more such hecklers waiting now that they've got some of the junior Indian cricketers irked...
Lets hope that the team copes up with these incidents and comes up with a better performance in the Perth test. It'll be something that every Indian fan would be looking forward to.  

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